Joannea Nr. 11 (2011)

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Abstracts of scientific contributions to 7th European Ostracodologists’ Meeting

Adolfsson S., Lamatsch D.K., Paczesniak D., Michalakis Y., Martens K., Schön I.,  Butlin R.K.. & Jokela J.:  Mitochondrial cluster-specific genome size  mehr...

Geometric Morphometrics and its use in ostracod research: a short guide

von Angel Baltanás & Dan L. Danielopol

Zusammenfassung: Three decades ago, geometric morphometrics transformed the way biometry was done. There was a revolution in concepts and techniques that, nevertheless, was deeply  mehr...

How and why to achieve greater objectivity in taxonomy, exemplified by a fossil ostracod (Amplocypris abscissa) from the Miocene Lake Pannon

von Dan L. Danielopol, Martin Gross, Mathias Harzhauser, Klaus Minati & Werner E. Piller

Zusammenfassung: A project on fossil ostracods from Hennersdorf (Vienna Basin, Middle Pannonian “E” stage) documents the non-marine ostracod Amplocypris abscissa (REUSS 1850) as a  mehr...

Soft body morphology, dissection and slide-preparation of Ostracoda: a primer

von Tadeusz Namiotko, Dan L. Danielopol & Angel Baltanás

Zusammenfassung: Most commonly used techniques for treating ostracod soft body for taxonomical purposes with optical microscopy are described with emphasis on the order Podocopida. A  mehr...

Ostracods and stable isotopes: proxies for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions

von Marco Caporaletti

Zusammenfassung: Carbon and oxygen stable isotope distribution is widely used for palaeoenvironmental studies. In the last 30 years these geochemical techniques were also applied on  mehr...

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