Zusammenfassungen der wissenschaftlichen Beiträge

Avanić R., Bakrač K., Miknić M. & Grizelj A.: Egerian Deposits from the South-western Part of the Pannonian Basin, Croatia. [pdf]

Bakrač K.: Middle and Upper Miocene Palynology from the South-western Parts of the Pannonian Basin. [pdf]

Buttinger R. & Zuschin M.: Predatory Drill Holes on Ostracods from the Upper Miocene Longlived Lake Pannon at the Locality St. Margarethen (Burgenland, Austria). [pdf]

Ćorić S., Švábenická L., Rögl F. & Petrova P.: Stratigraphical Position of Helicosphaera waltrans Nannoplankton Horizon (NN5, Lower Badenian). [pdf]

Ćorić S., Vrabac S., Ferhatbegović Z. & Ðulović I.: Biostratigraphy of Middle Miocene Sediments from the Tuzla Basin (North-eastern Bosnia) Based on Foraminifera and Calcareous Nannoplankton. [pdf]

Danielopol D., Gross M. & Piller W.E.: Taxonomic Diversity of Middle Miocene Ostracod Assemblages- A Useful Tool for Palaeoenvironmental Characterization of the Hainburg Area (Vienna Basin). [pdf]

Domberger G.: Hydrogeological Investigations for a Sustainable Use of the Deep Groundwater Resources in the Styrian and Pannonian Basin. [pdf]


Filipescu S., Silye L. & Krézsek C.: New Zones of Planktonic Foraminifera in the Upper Badenian and Sarmatian of the Transylvanian Basin. [pdf]


Gajić V., Bogićević G. & Cvijić P.: Badenian and Sarmatian from Locality Ostrovo, Northern Serbia. [pdf]


Hafych L., Kitchka A.A. & Gafych O.I.: Shallow Gas of the Ukrainian Transcarpathian: Still Promising Exploration Frontier? [pdf]


Klaus S. & Gross M.: The Neogene Freshwater Crabs of Europe. [pdf]


Kovačić M. & Grizelj A.: Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics and Provenance of Upper Miocene Sediments in the South-western Part of the Pannonian Basin. [pdf]


Krstić N., Knežević S. & Pavić S.: Fauna of a Large Early Middle Miocene Lake of Serbia. [pdf]


Magyar I. & Sztanó O.: Terminal Miocene Events in the Pannonian Basin. [pdf]


Mandic O.: Pectinid Bivalve Zonation of the Central Paratethys. [pdf]


Mandic O. & Harzhauser M.: Dinaride Lake System vs. Lake Pannon - The Mollusc Perspective. [pdf]


Márton E.: Correlation of Miocene Volcanics in the Area of the North Hungarian Paleogene Basin by the Combination of Palaeomagnetic Marker Horizons and Magnetic Polarities. [pdf]


Minati K., Buttinger R., Pipik R., Knoblechner J. & Carbonel P.: The Same or not the Same? - A New Approach within the Taxonomy of the Ostracod Genus Cyprideis JONES, 1857 from Lake Pannon. [pdf]


Minati K., Gross M. & Piller W.E.: Revealing Environmental Fluctuations on Different Scales in Lake Pannon (Lower Pannonian, Styrian Basin). [pdf]


Nachtmann W. & Neumayer R.A.: Oil & Gas Exploration in the Styrian Neogene: A Brief History of RAG's Activities 1951-1996. [pdf]


Oblak K.: New Findings of the Middle Miocene Biostratigraphy of the Planina Syncline (Eastern Slovenia, Central Paratethys). [pdf]


Pervesler P. & Uchman A.: Ichnology of the Lower Badenian (Middle Miocene) Baden-Sooß core at the type locality of the Badenian (Vienna Basin, Lower Austria). [pdf]


Pezelj D. & Sremac J.: Badenian Marginal Marine Environment in the Medvednica Mt. (Croatia). [pdf]


Piller W.E., Harzhauser M. & Mandic O.: Miocene Central Paratethys Stratigraphy - Current Status and Future Directions. [pdf]


Pipik R., Minati K., Buttinger R. & Danielopol D.L.: Morphological Disparity within Sarmatian and Pannonian Populations of Cyprideis from the Vienna Basin. [pdf]


Rögl F., Ćorić S., Hohenegger J., Pervesler P., Roetzel R., Scholger R., Spezzaferri S. & Stingl K.: The Styrian Tectonic Phase - A Series of Events at the Early/Middle Miocene Boundary Revised and Stratified (Styrian Basin, Central Paratethys). [pdf]


Sawyer J.A. & Zuschin M.: Predatory Drilling Frequencies in Lower Miocene (Karpatian) Nearshore Molluscan Assemblages from the Locality Laa (Lower Austria). [pdf]


Schreilechner M.G. & Sachsenhofer R.F.: Sequence Stratigraphy in the North-eastern Part of the Styrian Basin. [pdf]


Soliman A. & Piller W.E.: Dinoflagellate Cysts at the Karpatian/Badenian Boundary of Wagna (Styrian Basin, Austria). [pdf]


Soliman A. & Piller W.E.: Upper Badenian Dinoflagellate Cysts of Bad Deutsch Altenburg, Vienna Basin, Austria. [pdf]


Sopková B., Škulová A., Hlavatá J. & Kovać M.: Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Badenian & Sarmatian (Serravallian) of the Eastern Part of the Vienna Basin - Deltaic to tidal flats environment. [pdf]


Szczechura J.: Middle Miocene Ostracods from the Działoszyce Trough, Northern Part of the Carpathian Foredeep. [pdf]


Sztanó O. & Magyar I.: Deltaic Parasequences on Gamma Logs, Ultra-high Resolution Seismic Images and Outcrops of Lake Pannon Deposits. [pdf]


Wagner T., Stüwe K. & Fritz H.: An Elevation Correlated Map of the Neogene in the Styrian Basin. [pdf]


Wagreich M., Khatu M., Hohenegger J., Selge A., Stingl K., Scholger R., Pervesler P., Rögl F. & Rupp C.: Cyclostratigraphic Dating in the Middle Miocene (Lower Badenian) of the Southern Vienna Basin. [pdf]


Zuschin M., Harzhauser M. & Mandic O.: Karpatian and Badenian Molluscan Assemblages of Austria - A Quantitative Approach to a Major Faunal Turnover in the Central Paratethys. [pdf]


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