For us at Kunsthaus Graz, acting sustainably means looking not only at the relationship between people and nature but also at life in the urban community.

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Collaboration Project

Co-operation with initiatives in the city that campaign for fairer coexistence or those that are exclusively dedicated to people who do not automatically have access to all areas of social life is essential. We see the sustainable removal of barriers in the museum as an essential component of our educational work, which aims to be effective in the long term.


St. Andrä secondary school

At MS St. Andrä, the artists Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler, their students from Vienna and Münster and the pupils and their teachers succeeded in developing a new design concept for the school playground. In a joint project week, we succeeded in realizing this project with our support from the museum.

As part of the Steiermark Schau project, a wall was designed and furniture was built in 2021. Mr Water will be added in spring 2022. Mr Water is an outdoor drinking water fountain that will be available to pupils in the courtyard with the generous support of the Graz Rotary Club. This fulfills one of the young people's greatest wishes and will bring lasting joy in two senses.

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