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The Kunsthaus Graz is easily accessible for all people - this starts when you arrive: you can park your car in the underground car park or in the disabled parking area on Grieskai. Buses and cars can stop on the wide pavement directly in front of the entrance for the duration of the entrance and exit.


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Tactile guidelines lead to a touchable model of the Kunsthaus, which is set up in front of the building. Important information is also written there in Braille. You can enter the Kunsthaus comfortably and safely through well-marked automatic doors. A guidance system leads you from the entrance to the ticket counter, which is designed to be both tactile and visible.

White gloves are available for blind people so that they can feel selected objects. Acoustic announcements help in the lift. The large building plan in the foyer provides an overview of the rooms. Aspects of accessibility are always taken into account in all exhibitions. If you need help, the staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance.

Accessible guided tours are offered at fixed dates and on request - also in different languages.  For those who want to find out more about the exhibitions on their own, there are room leaflets to take home, but also audio guides that contain information to listen to.

The presentation of contemporary art sometimes uses light effects and video projections that can trigger epileptic seizures. Therefore, please ask at the box office or information desk whether the respective exhibition is suitable for epileptics.

In the light-flooded entrance area and in the Needle (with a magnificent view!) you will find seating for a short break. You can have a snack in the Kunsthaus café.


Translation into ÖGS (Austrian Sign Language) at exhibition openings at the Kunsthaus Graz will be supported by the Rotary Club Graz-Kunsthaus in 2023.

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