Natural History Museum

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Immerse yourself in the world of both animate and inanimate nature.


We house natural history collections in the areas of botany, geology, mineralogy, mycology, paleontology and zoology. An extensive educational and event program at various locations deepens the experience and stimulates discussion.

2.1 Mio.

objects belong to the museums' collections, including around 1.1 million animals, 650,000 plants and fungi, 200,000 rocks and fossils and 100,000 minerals.


locations are part of the Natural History Museum: the exhibition center in the Joanneumsviertel, the study center in Graz-Andritz and the House of Biodiversity in the Herberstein Animal World.


events take place annually, including: workshops, guided tours, lectures or excursions. Carried out by the nature education team, as well as the scientists and taxidermists from the Natural History Museum.

Permanent exhibition

The Natural History Museum points to the fascinating diversity of animate and inanimate nature and invites visitors to set off on an interesting stroll through the fascinating history of the Earth! The exhibits offer insights into the ways landscapes arise, evolve and decline, and how flora and fauna continually respond in multiple ways to processes of transformation.

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