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Immerse yourself in the world of the Styrian writer Peter Rosegger: birthplace on the Alpl and museum in Krieglach.


Peter Rosegger Peter Rosegger's birthplace on Alpl offers a glimpse into the simple rural life of his childhood.
The museum in Krieglach, located in the poet's former summer house, tells the story of the famous author's life and work.


Peter Rosegger's first book Zither und Hackbrett. Gedichte in obersteirischer Mundart was published. In the same year followed the book Tannenharz und Fichtennadeln. Geschichten, Schwänke, Skizzen und Lieder in obersteirischer Mundart.


years Rosegger spent the summer months with his family in the Krieglach country house. Here he worked on his books, novels and contributions to the Heimgarten, received numerous visitors and enjoyed hikes through the Alpler mountain landscape.


volumes comprise the popular edition in four series of Peter Rosegger's writings, published by Staackmann-Verlag.

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Visiting Peter Rosegger

In his summer house in Krieglach, today's Rosegger-Museum, Peter Rosegger received numerous visits from friends, acquaintances and admirers.

Among them were well-known personalities of his time such as Hans and Gina von Reininghaus, the composers Johannes Brahms and Wilhelm Kienzl, the poet Karl Morré, the writer Franz Karl Ginzkey and the sculptor Hans Brandstetter.

But also many non-public friends, relatives and above all admirers visited Rosegger in his rural summer residence.

Atelieraufnahme von Ferdinand Österreicher, Peter Rosegger und Josef Wichner im Kahn sitzend.

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Peter Rosegger

Peter Rosegger was not only a poet and writer, we also owe him insights into the social and economic situation of the region "Waldheimat".

Porträt vom jungen Peter Rosegger

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