Art Mediation

Here you will find an overview of our current programme formats and topics.

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What is art education?

Art educators offer visitors a space for new experiences, discourse and a critical examination of the issues raised by the exhibitions. They inform, moderate and present a topic in a generally understandable way. To do this, they research, select and interpret the content. Cultural mediators work on the programme and content of an institution. They develop a wide variety of formats and carry them out. Examples of this are exhibition tours, artist talks, audio guides, accompanying booklets, media content, spatial texts, participatory projects, workshops, etc.

More information on the field of work of art educators:


True accessibility does not only refer to structural conditions, but also includes intellectual access to content.

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Participate and be active

On site and for at home

For children, youth and adults

Programme highlights


For us at Kunsthaus Graz, acting sustainably means not only looking at the relationship between people and nature, but also at life in the urban community. Cooperations with initiatives in the city that work for a fairer coexistence or those that are exclusively dedicated to those people who do not automatically have access to all areas of social life are essential.

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