Thomas Ender, Trautenfels mit Grimming, um 1830

Schloss Trautenfels

An overview of the nature and culture of the Liezen district – with an unforgettable view over Grimming and the surrounding countryside.


Winter break

Schloss Trautenfels is closed until 12th April 2019.  

Sujet "Gipfelstürmen!", quer,

Peak Pioneers!

Styrian Expeditions to the Roof of the World


Opening: 13.04.2019, 11 am
The exhibition shows the expeditions made by Styrians who tackled Asia’s highest peaks. The adventurous tales of climbing come to life through a multimedial presentation of historical and present-day documentaries, combined with original objects on display. more...
Exhibition view

Guided tours

We are always delighted to accept your requests for mediation and educational programmes (guided tours and workshops, etc.). 

Aussichtsturm Schloss Trautenfels

Construction history

Schloss Trautenfels

The imposing form of Schloss Trautenfels rises majestically from the valley floor. This location was first occupied by a castle called Neuhaus in 1261. more...


Schloss Trautenfels

Nowadays, there are around 35,000 items in the Schloss Trautenfels collection, of which around 1,000 can be seen in the permanent display. more...