Schloss Trautenfels


Open from 23 March 2024

An overview of the nature and culture of the Liezen district – with an unforgettable view over Grimming and the surrounding countryside.


Schloss Trautenfels As a landmark of the central Ennstal valley, Schloss Trautenfels sits on a rock spur at the foot of the Grimming mountain. Serving as a showcase for the cultural and natural history of the District of Liezen, it is also known as a “miniature universal museum” due to the complexity of its collections, thematic focuses and special exhibitions.

See you again in spring!

Schloss Trautenfels will take a winter break from 31 October 2023 to 22 March 2024.

Trautenfels Castle photographed from the air. There is snow everywhere. Railroad tracks run along in front of the castle. Along the railroad line there are houses and trees.

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Permanent exhibition

Forest and timber, mountain and valley, religion and conviviality – the natural and cultural history of Styria’s Enns Valley, Palten Valley and Aussee lake district form the subject matter of the permanent exhibition at Schloss Trautenfels.

Photography of an exhibition room. In front of a white and a brown wall are various objects e.g. on the left a statue of St. Florian, various palm bouquets, a house door.

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Historical watercolor drawing of Trautenfels Castle in front of Mount Grimming

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Picture of a showroom. On the left side, two mannequins are carrying hay, above their heads. In the middle of the room are three people looking at objects in large display cases (e.g. objects from the dairy industry e.g. buckets, stools).

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