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The new Folk Life Museum at the Paulustor in Graz tells of different lifestyles, social and cultural change.


Folk Life Museum The new Folk Life Museum at the Paulustor in Graz tells of different lifestyles, social and cultural change and how changes in everyday life shape and move us.


Since 1913, the Folk Life Museum has been collecting, preserving and interpreting material evidence of social life and human destiny.


The collections of the Folk Life Museum include a comprehensive folklore library with around 15,000 individual volumes as well as 80 current specialist journals, periodicals and publication series, a connected archive with rich source material on Styrian folk culture as well as a diverse picture archive with around 20,000 colour slides as well as many historical photographs.


Since November 2022, a modified "Trachtensaal" has been open to visitors again. Currently, its history, contents and interpretations, garments and figurines are being re-explored and contextualised by the museum.



The Other Life

Photographs by Konrad Mautner

To mark the 100th anniversary of Konrad Mautner's death on 15 May 2024, the Folk Life Museum at Paulustor is dedicating an exhibition to the passionate folklorist, researcher and collector of traditional costumes and folk songs.

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Now in the Right!

Paths to Equal Rights

All people are equal! Sadly, however, this does not mean that everyone is treated equally in daily life. Since 1979, Austria has had a Law for Equal Rights, which is intended to ensure, at least in the world of work and business, that equal treatment and rights can be implemented and that discrimination is against the law.

30 years ago, the Gleichbehandlungsanwaltschaft (Advocacy of Equal Rights) was founded, an institution which acts as a contact point for victims of discrimination, advising and supporting them. Moreover, the Advocacy is involved politically in work for greater equality to make sure the law is improved and more comprehensive in its scope.

01.06.2023 - 10.03.2024

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