Styrian Armoury

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The world's largest preserved historical armoury displays some 32,000 objects from the 15th to 18th century.



objects bear witness to a period of intense conflict, serving as a memorial to regional history, a sensitive heritage site and also a challenging task for restorers and curators.


the Styrian estates had the 'regional armoury' built according to plans drawn up by Antonio Solar. As an arms depot, it was from then on the most important centre for equipment in the southeast of the Habsburg Empire.

On tour

Parts of the collection have been shown internationally in recent years and seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Historic Armoury

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Styrian Armoury Items bearing witness to a past awash with conflict all in one unique place: the Landeszeughaus is the world’s largest historical armoury and, thanks to its functional architecture, it is also one of the city’s most significant heritage sites.

Opening hours

Tue-Sun 10am-6pm also accessible without a guided tour
Tue-Sun 11am-3pm admission only with guided tour

guided tours: Tue-Sun 11am (GER), 12:30pm (EN) and 2pm (GER)

15. September 2024

24. December 2024
25. December 2024



Styrian Armoury

Living History

Among the departments and institutions of the Joanneum Universal Museum, founded as the Joanneum in 1811, the Armoury is in a class of its own. Attracting around 55,000 visitors annually, it is the Joanneum’s most-visited institution without an exhibitions role. Moreover, as the largest historic armoury in the world, it is a living memorial to a chequered, conflict-ridden past, whose bogeymen and prejudices are still with us.

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