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Embedded in the diversity of nature, historical buildings from all over Austria offer an authentic insight into the lives of our ancestors.



There are 103 objects on the museum grounds, including dwellings, stable buildings, mills, alpine huts and much more. They show the house landscapes of the past 6 centuries from all over Austria and South Tyrol. The oldest building is a grain box, the "treasure box" of the farmers, and dates back to 1452.


As a competence centre and information platform, we collect, document, preserve and impart comprehensive knowledge about classical crafts. In addition, this theoretical and practical knowledge is passed on to interested parties through workshops, courses, regulars' tables, participatory events.


We are located in a nature conservation and Natura 2000 area. These types of protected areas are among the most important categories of land protection in Austria and are intended to permanently safeguard natural habitats. Accordingly, many different plant and animal species can be found here.


Museum grounds

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