Freunde Stübings

Association for the Support of the Austrian Open Air Museum

"Only those who know where they come from know where they are going."

– Theodor Heuss

We are a non-party political association that was founded on 26 November 2012, exactly 50 years after the founding of the Austrian Open-Air Museum, as the "Society of Friends of the Austrian Open-Air Museum".

Our aim is to promote the preservation and expansion of the Austrian Open-Air Museum in Stübing, which was founded in 1962 as an all-Austrian institution, both ideally and materially. 
Home. Craft. Meaning. - In accordance with this motto, we want to bring the aims and tasks as well as the values and activities of the Austrian Open-Air Museum closer to the general public and actively support the museum management in the preservation, development and maintenance of the unique museum complex.

The association recognises the Code of Ethics of the World Federation of Friends of Museums in cooperation with ICOM/UNESCO.

Further information on membership, the association's statutes and an electronic membership form can be found on our website at:

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