Mag. Egbert Pöttler
Chief Curator

Karin Riedl, MA
EUREVITA SIAT 285, Assistant Chief Curator, Office-Management

Preserving & Maintenance

Ing. Klaus Seelos
Preserving & Maintenance, Administrator Project Interreg EUREVITA SIAT 285

Team Preserving & Maintenance

Thomas Beil, Andreas Herdy, Manfred Liebmann, Marcellus Strommer, Manfred Suppan, Karl- Heinz ULRICH

Team Surrounding / Gardens

Josef Auer, Christa Harrer , Wolfgang Osjenak , Alexandra Rannak , Regina Suppan

Team Oversight

Thomas Bösmüller, Klaus Frühwirth, Günther Schinnnerl

Team Grocery store

Ulrike Linni-Völk, Helene Raith

Science / Educational Service

Mag. Michaela Steinböck-Köhler
Scientific Employee, Collections curator, Head of Educational Service, Culture

Team Science / Educational Service

Harald Ferk, Barbara Neukam, Helmut Raith, Mag. Reinhard Tuder

Ute Krüssmann
Museum education

Team Educational Service, Culture

Christian Ebner, Romana Handl, Astrid Harb, Ina Kindl, Christine Lackner , Dr. Alexandra Puhm, Dr. Helmut Reindl, Christa Russow, Sabine Schrottenbach, Mag. Dagmar Schwischay

Events / Educational Service

Mag. Mag. (FH) Gabriele Göllner

Marketing, Press, Sales

Sarah Rieger, MA
Marketing, Press, Sales


Simone Waidacher
Personnel accounting for Stübing collection and Service GmbH

Elisabeth Trampusch


Mag. Gerhard Teissl

Team Ticket Office/Front Desk

Agnes Harrer, Ulrike Pirstinger, Gabriele Katzbauer

Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing

8114 Stübing, Österreich
T +43-3124/53700
F +43-3124/53700-18


Opening Hours
03. November 2020 to 25. March 2021 closed.
26. March 2021 to 31. October 2021 Mon-Sun, public holidays 9am - 5pm

Admission until 4pm


For very urgent matters, we are available from Monday to Thursday from 8am to 9am on 0664/934-8509.