Yoko Ono

Painting to Hammer a Nail In / Cross Version, 2005 (1990, 1999, 2000)

Photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum/B. Bauernfeind

In a society dominated by Christianity, the cross is an unmistakable symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. By offering us the opportunity to hammer a nail into one of the crosses ourselves, Ono allows us to take on a new, active role in this process of crucifixion. At the same time this means that we become accomplices. Cultural, religious, political and artistic boundaries can be transgressed by picking up a hammer. This gives rise to a new sensitivity for the setting of activity and establishes a connection between collective and individual memory.

In the sculpture Painting to Hammer a Nail in/Cross Version, Yoko Ono aims at the recollection and connection between individual and collective memory. This work reminds us of Golgotha and of the cross as a Christian symbol of the Resurrection.

Integrated into Yoko Ono’s intention to overcome cultural, religious, political and artistic boundaries, the visitors themselves are invited to follow the suggested instructions and hammer a nail into the cross. In order to develop sensitivity for this activity, it will not be integrated into a general event, but will allow the visitors to play the role of the offender, in order to commemorate one of the most famous historic religious, emotional and examples: the Crucifixion.

Author: Elisabeth Fiedler
Plan & Overview: Position 57
Owner: [artists' donation]
Biography: Yoko Ono  

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