Eva & Adele

Watermusic, 2003/04

watermusic was realised exclusively for Graz—first temporarily for the Schloßbergplatz, and then as a water house on the lily pond at the Sculpture Park. With its stereotypical ‘house’ shape, the exterior is reminiscent of the family homes to be found near the park, while on the inside it holds the world of EVA & ADELE. Three projections show the couple waving or treading and scooping water, accompanied by an appropriate calming soundtrack. This work raises questions about artistic communication, aspects of gender identities and art marketing.


Where there is art, there is EVA & ADELE. At the Basel Kunstmesse (art fair), the Venice Biennial, and the documenta Kassel – the duo will be there. In perfectly matching outfits, always friendly, always happy to be photographed. On one condition: “Send us a photo.” They now have thousands from all over the world.


EVA & ADELE - Slogan: "Coming Out Of The Future" – have been a work of art since 1988. "Watermusic" was realised exclusively for Graz by the two artists of German and Austrian origin, now living in Berlin. At first, temporarily for the Schlossbergplatz-square, where Walter Ritter’s Taubenbrunnen-well was packed into a pink cube. For the sculpture park, it mutated into a water house.


Everybody entering this house, which corresponds with buildings outside the park as the archetype of the model “little house”, is submerged into EVA & ADELE’s world. Three projections show the couple waving, treading water and scooping water. This is accompanied by a calming video sound corresponding to the activities.


"Watermusic" is part of a work which is by far more complex than it seems. In this work questions of artistic communication play the same role as aspects of gender identity and art marketing. Not by coincidence "Logo" was the title of one of EVA & ADELE’s shows in Graz, in which they produced the “Lightbox“ for Artelier Graz, an edition in the form of a light box, in which, on  walls decorated with Eva & Adele logos  of their double person, pictures published in magazines and newspapers were shown.


Snippets, enlargements, highlighting the print grid and thus its media character. "Logo" tells in a charming way about the value of being a “brand”. And this is exactly what "Watermusic" does too. EVA & ADELE convincingly convey that one does not have to sell one’s soul to this end.

Author: Walter Titz 
Plan & Overview: Position 56
Owner: [property of the Private Foundation Austrian Sculpture Park]
Biography: EVA & ADELE

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