Artists in Residence

The Austrian Sculpture Park annually invites national and international artists or art students to join the debate around the concepts of sculpture and the park itself, developing new artworks for the collection.


Through mutual utilisation of the synergies created by this programme and the atelier programmes of the Land Steiermark, the artists benefit from residential studios, the profound library of the Institute for Art in Public Spaces and their curatorial expertise, which can be accessed in case of content related consensus. 




Felix Helmut Wagner

Ursprungsflüssigkeit aus Erdkammersystem, 2018


About the project

Felix Helmut Wagner directly refers to Heimo Zobernig’s sculpture “o.T.” from 2003. He explains the function of a complex machine by means of a drawing placed on a construction sign. A central part of the installation is a performative lecture, in which the artist explains how the source fluid transforms within the subterranean system inside the Earth. It then rises up through Zobernig’s column sculpture, then to escape dissolved into the finest particles. Through inhalation, this particulate matter enters the human bloodstream, settling in the brain cells. This leads to gaps in the linearity of human behaviour. Felix Helmut Wagner uses Zobernig’s reduced vocabulary of forms and charges it with his own poetic narrative, thereby evoking the idea of a world in which each ‘profane’ thing intrinsically carries the possibility of complexity.

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