Artists in Residence

The Austrian Sculpture Park annually invites national and international artists or art students to join the debate around the concepts of sculpture and the park itself, developing new artworks for the collection.


Through mutual utilisation of the synergies created by this programme and the atelier programmes of the Land Steiermark, the artists benefit from residential studios, the profound library of the Institute for Art in Public Spaces and their curatorial expertise, which can be accessed in case of content related consensus. 




Breathe Earth Collective

AIRSHIP.02 - Evapo tree


Opening: 21.05.2017
Curated by: Elisabeth Fiedler

In the context of its residency in 2017, Breathe Earth Collective spatially renders its examination of the topic of air being food and the topic urban climate in the form of a walk-in installation.


AIRSHIP.02 – Evapotree is the title of a prototype, which deals with the cooling and air-cleansing of urban spaces, and will be realised at the Austrian Sculpture Park.

A performative micro-landscape of moss is at the centre of this work, opening up a three-dimensional space of air and breathing, which can be experienced sensuously. This collaboration of technical components and a natural ecosystem of moss, water and air movement, forms a hybrid prototype, which visitors will be able to experience with all their senses.

Against the background of global warming and heavy worldwide air pollution, the inter-disciplinary team has been working to date on internationally successful projects. Amongst these were the Austrian Expo pavilion in Milan 2015 as part of team.breathe.austria and the mobile micro forest installation AIRSHIP.01 – mobile forest, which provided refreshment in Rome, Milan and Padua in the summer of 2016.


Breathe Earth Collective consists of Karlheinz Boiger, Lisa Maria Enzenhofer, Andreas Goritschnig, Markus Jeschaunig and Bernhard König

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