Digital cultural sponsorship tool

Arbeiterkammer Steiermark (Digitalisierungsfonds "Arbeit 4.0")

The project is entitled: "Application of a digital cultural sponsorship tool for the further and higher qualification of employees as well as for the creation of a new field of activity suitable for teleworking and the publication of cultural heritage in the Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing".

The project is intended as a further training or higher qualification measure for employees who only have basic IT user skills and have had no or hardly any opportunities for teleworking up to now. It includes both further training opportunities (through external, internal and peer-to-peer knowledge transfer lasting beyond the duration of the project) as well as the joint, demand-oriented development and application of a digital online platform new to the ÖFM ("cultural sponsorship tool").

In this "cultural sponsorship tool", a wide variety of inventory objects, some of which have already been digitised in the completed AK project "Imdas pro", are to be made accessible to the public. At the same time, culture lovers will have the opportunity to become sponsors of museum objects.

Project duration: 2023-2024

More Information: Mehr Information zu: "Arbeit 4.0"