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The blue shimmering Kunsthaus floats above the glazed ground floor like a bubble of air. Its soft forms fuse organically with the older buildings on the adjacent lots. The nozzles, the prominent skylight openings sloped northward for ideal lighting, emerge from the plexiglass skin. 

The glazed ground floor is a meeting place for artists and art enthusiasts. It has two main entrances, one facing the Lendkai and the other the Südtirolerplatz. This floor is a versatile space with information, communication and entertainment facilities: the Kunsthaus Graz Shop, the large multipurpose event space lying at the rear of the building can be linked to the café, expanding it into one vast public area. 
On a 30-meter-long travelator known as the pin, visitors can penetrate the skin of the mysteriously shimmering bubble, cut through the area designated for children and young people (space 03), and land at the level of the first exhibition area (space 02).

A second travelator takes visitors to the upper exhibition deck (space 01), with its impressive structural shell, 8 meters at its highest point. The exhibition area is equipped with adjustable daylight and artificial light sources, the cones of the nozzles giving the inner surface of the building’s skin its distinctive structure. One of them frames the Schloßberg with its clock tower and the impressive roofscape of the old town across the river.

At the end of this tour, the visitors leave the bubble and enter into a remarkable cantilevered glass structure: the needle. An unforgettable view of Graz and comfortable seats create an atmosphere for relaxation and reflection, for public readings, sponsorship events and small private occasions.

Permanente Installations

Project, Permanent installation

Max Neuhaus

Time Piece Graz, 2003

02.09.2015-20.11.2017 > Kunsthaus Graz

Inspired by these different contexts, Max Neuhaus’ Time Piece Graz creates an external space around Kunsthaus Graz defined by sound. It appears periodically as an audible signal. more...

Project, Permanent installation

Esther Stocker

Wandarbeit Nr. 19, 2008

02.09.2015-31.12.2020 > Kunsthaus Graz

Painter Esther Stocker takes advantage of the conversion and development of the building attached to Kunsthaus on 4 Mariahilferstrasse to redesign the wall mural she created for the existing building and place the black and white pattern in a new context. more...

Michael Schuster Verkehrsspiegel, 2003/2016 UV-print behind plexiglass, 100 x 120 cm
Project, Permanent installation

Michael Schuster

Verkehrsspiegel, 2003/2016

02.09.2015-31.12.2020 > Kunsthaus Graz

He uses photography to create illusion, confounding the visitors’ subconscious understanding of the surroundings by applying a photographic representation of the real space onto a traditional traffic mirror. more...

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

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