Foyer alterations

Ground floor and forecourt

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Why was it altered?

The intention is for the Kunsthaus foyer to be more than just a place for information and sales of admission tickets, publications and souvenirs. It is also somewhere you meet up with friends, relax, encounter artworks without having to pay, with activities aimed at everyone who enjoys art or is curious about the Kunsthaus. It should also be a place that balances commercial and non-commercial agendas, so that there are plenty of engaging things you can do without having to spend money.

But there were also practical reasons for the alterations:

The distance of the preparation kitchen from the dining room at the Kunsthaus Café had proved awkward for all involved. Large numbers of meals and drinks had to be carried across the foyer during Kunsthaus opening hours; the smell of cooking spread into the exhibition spaces. Apart from this, the Kunsthaus furnishings (curtains, seating) were worn and needed to be replaced. In the course of the redesign, particular emphasis was placed on meeting the needs of people with hearing and visual impairments or restricted mobility. The building’s information and signage system was also revised.

Who was involved?

The redesign of the foyer was carried out in collaboration with architects Niels Jonkhans and Gerhard Eder, who previously worked on the construction of the Kunsthaus with Peter Cook and Colin Fournier. Landscape architects Topotek 1 developed proposals for the outside space in 2017, presenting various future options for use. The intention is to implement temporary realisations in a ‘schematic’ form.

How was the redesign financed?

The alterations were financed by reallocations from the budget, and without any special funds. The redesign was carried out in two stages, in 2017 and 2018.

What is new?

Kitchen: The preparation kitchen was moved into the Eiserne Haus. Delivery now takes place via the inner courtyard of the Kunsthaus and no longer via the side facing the River Mur.     

Cash point:

During the redesign, a cash dispenser was installed. Here the Danish artist group Superflex took on a special role: “Radical ATM” started with the new Kunsthaus cash machine and launched a multi-year project focused equally on investigating capitalist and Marxist forms of economy.

Kitchen, ticket desk/info, shop:

The previous “Küchenei” was cleverly transformed into a new entrance counter, so shifting the main entrance of the Kunsthaus to the side of the building that faces the Mur River. ​ This reintroduced the permeability planned by architects Cook & Fournier – combined with various visual connections. 

The shop also moved towards the counter. Its operator has, however, kept some presentation areas in the Kunsthaus Café.


The forecourt facing the River Mur was at first given a temporary design by Topotek 1. Founded in 1996, Topotek 1 works at the intersection between architecture, landscaping, design and art. With simple features – colour surfaces, lighting accents – a range of design options are created. For the time being, the forecourt will act as a changing exhibition zone for street furniture/urban design.



Accessibility is ensured, especially for wheelchair users and people with hearing impairments.

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