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Environmental mission statement

The Kunsthaus Graz recognises its ecological and social responsibility as a cultural institution in order to counteract the drastic consequences of climate change as far as possible. Dealing with topics relating to the climate crisis is anchored in the programme and is regularly addressed in exhibitions, events and educational formats with as low a threshold as possible. The Kunsthaus Graz thus contributes to raising awareness within society about the climate crisis as the greatest global challenge of our time and endeavours to convey a new way of thinking in terms of a sustainable future for our planet. On the other hand, the Kunsthaus subjects its own actions to constant scrutiny and sets itself concrete goals for sustainability and climate protection.

Statement from Andreja Hribernik, director Kunsthaus Graz

"The Kunsthaus Graz has been part of the Museums for Future network since the beginning of 2021 and is committed to the network's vision, which sees museums as having a decisive (co-)responsibility for ecological and social justice. On the one hand, programme guidelines and focal points are based on this vision: Within the exhibitions or the educational programme, questions are often asked about personal and communal responsibility for nature and climate protection, with which the Kunsthaus contributes to social awareness and a transfer of knowledge. On the other hand, parallel to the focus on content, there are endeavours to become climate-neutral in its own operations, a first step towards which was taken by obtaining the Austrian Ecolabel in 2021. This means that special attention is being paid to the sustainable conception of exhibitions, but the focus is also on the procedural conversion of the building to make it as green a museum as possible."

The Austrian Ecolabel

The Austrian Ecolabel is a national seal of quality awarded by the Ministry of the Environment. It recognises museums and exhibition venues in the areas of environmentally friendly management and social responsibility and thus stands for "museums with environmental plus".

The Kunsthaus Graz has been certified with the Austrian Ecolabel since 2021. This is a first step towards becoming a "green museum".

A selection of projects and events: Multiplier effect and awareness-raising measures in the population

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Can you see animal welfare?, as part of the exhibition Ingrid Wiener, Martin Roth (conversation)

Thinking the world from the edge, in cooperation with the Kleine Zeitung, 2023 (conversation)

"Death or life!" A conversation about the lack of climate protection and the role of art and culture, 2023 (discussion)

Guided tours of the Green Museum (on request; educational programme)

Ingrid Wiener, Martin Roth: You can see more from far away, 2023 (exhibition)

Art meets nature. Viewed from 2 sides: Ingried Wiener, Martin Roth (educational programme)

Angelika Fink & Lisa D. Fulfillment, 2022 (performance and installation)

Helmut & Johanna Kandl. Palette, 2022 (exhibition)

Eco Printing - plant printing on paper as part of Open House, 2022 (educational programme)

FoodFigters. Cooking with rescued food as part of KoOgle, 2022 (educational programme)

Fair, fair, fair are all my clothes, as part of KoOgle, 2022 (educational programme)

STEIERMARK SCHAU: what will be. From the future to the futures, 2021 (exhibition)

Onur Sönmez. Sunscriber as part of the STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (BIX facade)

Sun = light = energy. Solar energy in dialogue between art, science and technology as part of STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (lecture, talk)

There is already a crisis... System change or technological progress? What do you think will make the future possible? as part of STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (Open Forum, discussion)

The Comedy of the Commons. Does the future belong to solidarity-based economy as part of STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (online discussion)

Walk at the organic farm Grottenhof Graz. From grain to bread as part of the STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (excursion)

The Circular Economy - Stock as a material resource. Conference in cooperation with the HDA, 2021 (symposium)

Urban ecology tour. An inner-city walk focussing on islands of nature, connections, limits and potentials as part of the STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (excursion)

Experience wilderness. Excursion to the Dürrenstein-Lassingtal wilderness area and the new Haus der Wildnis/Lunz as part of the STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (excursion)

Art meets nature. Viewed from two sides: STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (educational programme)

Willow dress. A project by Bettina Reichl, 2021 (performance)

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle, as part of the STEIERMARK SCHAU, 2021 (keynote speeches and discussion)

Bill Fontana. Primal Energies, 2020 (exhibition)

Disposable, reusable, what's your way? Zero Waste Workshop, as part of KoOgle, 2020 (educational programme)

Vegan food, as part of KoOgle, 2018 (educational programme)

Pimp up your shirt with the "fabric workshop" as part of BIG WIRBEL, 2017 (educational programme)

Knot yourself something with "heidenspass" as part of BIG WIRBEL, 2017 (educational programme)

Fashion circus comeback! Swap wardrobe as part of BIG WIRBEL, 2017 (educational programme)

Care from nature, as part of KoOgle, 2017 (educational programme)

Landscape in motion. Filmic views of an indeterminate tomorrow, 2015 (exhibition)

Anchoring in the company

Ongoing information on sustainability, the ecolabel and Museums for Future is provided via mailings on the intranet and at team meetings. Information on training courses offered (internal and external) is also made available online. Suggestions from employee and visitor feedback are regularly discussed and developed into possible new measures.

Sustainability working group: The initially small circle of the "Environmental Label Working Group", consisting of environmental officers and in-house sustainability managers, has grown into a large-scale Group project: set up and moderated by the consulting firm pulswerk, the Kunsthaus will launch a multi-year project in 2024 within the Universalmuseum Joanneum association to develop and implement sustainable processes in accordance with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Sustainable Development -SDGs

The Kunsthaus Graz is committed to implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations' Agenda 2030.

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