Defensive arms

The defensive armour in the Armoury dates back to 1500 - 1685 and was commissioned by the Styrian estates from armourers and mail makers in Graz, Nuremberg and Augsburg. 

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There are around 3,844 items: helmets, suits of chain mail, armoured sleeves, shields and suits of armour. Amongst the most interesting exhibits is a horse armour made in the workshop of Conrad Seusenhofer in Innsbruck in c. 1510 and came to the Armoury in 1814 as a gift from Karl, Count of Stubenberg.

There are more elaborate officer’s armours of aristocrats as well as pieces used in tournament: a field armour made in the workshop of Conrad Richter in Augsburg which belonged to Archduke Charles II of Inner Austria, a fluted armour made in the workshop of Hans Maystetter in Innsbruck as well as the great garniture for tournament of Kaspar Baron of Völs-Schenkenberg which was made in the workshop of Michael Witz the Younger in Innsbruck.