11.01.-26.03.2003 10:00-18:00

Opening: Fr., 10.01.2003, 11.30 Uhr
Curated by: Peter Weibel, Günther Holler-Schuster

On the basis of Freud's famous writings "Civilisation and its Discontents" (1930) and "Why War" (1933) the aim is to put together an exhibition of contemporary art that investigates into why the process of advancing cultural development and civilisation is again interrupted by groups of people, religions or nations prepared to ruthlessly destroy others. After two World Wars in the twentieth century, we have for decades in Europe cherished the illusion that there will be no more chance for wars to arise in future. We are all the more surprised to find that hot spots of war have not only frequently emerged all over the world, but equally so in Europe, and that Europe itself is drawn into - and allows itself to be drawn into - wars time and again.


Based upon these facts we must ask ourselves whether Freud's dictum is in fact still valid: "Whatever makes for cultural development is also working against war. "Can cultural development itself not have inherent aspects that promote a willingness to wage war? Can it be that art itself has not only pacifistic but also military intentions? Can it be that art is not only a platform for humanitarian agendas but also for violence against human beings and for injustice? This exhibition not only intends to provide a very topical synopsis of the critical state of our society but also to present a critical examination of art within this society. In view of the fact that the selected examples not only depict the psychological and social changes brought about by war but also above all the media-based processes involved (war of images, war of information), this exhibition equally contributes to differentiating between crisis, war and art. The crisis of the media and the crisis of society are reflected in the crisis of art.


ISBN: 3-7757-1312-3, Hatje-Cantz Publishers


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Simone Aaberg Kærn, Dänemark 

Fernando Alvim, Angola

Carlos Amorales, Mexiko 

Art in Ruins, Großbritannien

Michael Aschenbrenner, USA

Fiona Banner, Großbritannien

Mercedes Barros, Brasilien

Yael Bartana, Israel

Elke Baulig, Deutschland

Vanessa Beecroft, USA

Sue de Beer, USA

Marc Bijl, Niederlande

Martin Boyce, Großbritannien 

Olaf Breuning, Schweiz

Glenn Brown, Großbritannien

Chris Burden, USA

Heather Burnett, Großbritannien

Luis Camnitzer, Deutschland / Uruguay / USA

Jake Dinos Chapmanrn, Großbritannien 

Sue Coe, USA

Jordan Crandall, USA

Chris Cunningham, Großbritannien

Chen Danqing, China 

Jiri David, Tschechien

Tacita Dean, Großbritannien 

Lucinda Devlin, USA

Veronika Dreier, Österreich 

Marces Dzama, USA

Ray and Charles Eames, USA 

Manfred Erjautz, Österreich

Wolfgang Ernst, Österreich

Jon Mikel Euba, Spanien

Graham Fagen, Großbritannien 

Belu-Simion Fainaru, Israel

Harun Farocki, Tschechien / Deutschland

Parastou Forouhar, Iran

Paul Garrin, USA

Kendell Geers, Südafrika

Leon Golub, USA 

Martin Gostner, Österreich

G.R.A.M., Österreich 

Stanley Greene, USA

Johan Grimonprez, Belgien 

Al Hansen, USA

Mona Hatoum, Libanon 

Mathilde ter Heijne, Niederlande

Damien Hirst, Großbritannien 

Jenny Holzer, USA

Felix Stephan Huber, Schweiz 

IRWIN, Slowenien

Cameron Jamie, USA 

Gavin Jantjes, Südafrika

John Keane, Großbritannien 

Martin Kippenberger, Deutschland

Linda Kitson, Großbritannien 

Franticek Klossner, Schweiz

Andree Korpys / Markus Löffler, Deutschland 

Richard Kriesche, Österreich

Evelyn Kuwertz, Deutschland

David Levinthal, USA

Thomas Locher, Deutschland 

Robert Longo, USA

Ken Lum, Kanada 

Paul Mc Carthy / Mike Kelley, USA

Ernst Mach, Österreich 

Bjarne Melgaard, Dänemark

Ana Mendieta, Kuba 

Alessandro Mendini et Prospero Rasulo, Italien

Feng Mengbo, China 

Tracey Moffatt, Australien

James Nachtwey, USA

Yoshitomo Nara, Japan

Bruce Nauman, USA 

Friederike J. Nestler-Rebeau und Norbert Nestler, Österreich

Anja Niedringhaus, Deutschland 

Simon Norfolk, Großbritannien

Josh On (Futurefarmers), USA 

Tony Oursler, USA

Max Peintner, Österreich 

Paolo Pietrangeli, Roberto Giannarelli, Wilma Labate, Francesco Martinotti, Italien

Walid Ra'ad, Libanon

Arnulf Rainer, Österreich

Khaled D. Ramadan, Libanon 

Sophie Ristelhueber, Frankreich

Ulrike Rosenbach, Deutschland 

Martha Rosler, USA

Christopher Roth / Franz Stauffenberg, Deutschland 

Nancy Rubins, USA

Thomas Ruff, Deutschland

Volker Saul, Deutschland

Alfons Schilling, Österreich 

Michael Schuster, Österreich

Paul Seawright, Nordirland 

Nebojsa Seric-Soba, Bosnien-Herzegowina

Santiago Sierra, Spanien / Mexiko 

Paul M Smith, Großbritannien

Leonid Sokov, Rußland 

Hermann Stamm, Deutschland

Thaddeus Strode, USA

Erika Sulzer-Kleinemeier, Deutschland

Tony Tasset, USA 

Lina Theodorou, Griechenland

Wolfgang Tillmans, Deutschland 

Daniel Tisdale, USA

Milica Tomic, Yugoslawien 

Michail Tschernischow, Rußland

Kanda Matulu Tshibumba, Kongo

Günther Uecker, Deutschland

Paul Virilio, Frankreich 

Barbara Visser, Niederlande

Wolf Vostell, Deutschland 

Matthias Wähner, Deutschland 

Peter Weibel / Valie Export, Österreich 

Andreas Welzenbach, Deutschland

Piet Wessing, Deutschland 

Lebbeus Woods, USA

Heimo Zobernig, Österreich

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