Günter Waldorf

12.07. - 27.10.2024

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12.07. - 27.10.2024


11.07.2024 19:00


Neue Galerie Graz

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Günter Waldorf (1924–2012), Günter Stessl, was a well-known personality who shaped Styrian cultural life. He was thus the initiator and founding member of the Forum Stadtpark and one of the creative minds behind the Kunsthaus Graz – among other things. Moreover, he created an independent oeuvre that incorporated the various trends that characterised (Austrian) painting in the second half of the 20th century in an inimitable way, often laced with his own irony. In the case of Waldorf, the rare phenomenon was found that his works appealed to a wider public without his works submitting to some kind of public taste. Submission was also a foreign concept to the former boxer. The exhibition shows a cross-section of his creative output with a limited number of works.