Günter Brus

A Mad Scrap of Paper

09.05. - 06.10.2024

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09.05. - 06.10.2024


08.05.2024 19:00


Neue Galerie Graz


Roman Grabner

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With the Acid Test (in German, Zerreißprobe), Günter Brus ends his actionist phase and moves beyond self-inflicted injury, yet a body-oriented, auto-aggressive world of motifs finds its way into his drawings.


As early as year-end 1969 he was commissioned by the Kohlkunstverlag in Frankfurt to create a documentary record of his actions. This one final anarchic performance was aimed at the various power institutions such as the church, the state, the judiciary, the army; a furious reckoning with all that constrains man’s potential to develop freely. A Mad Scrap of Paper (Irrwisch) represents the transition from the body to the body of text, and already points to the later picture-poems in the last chapter about the island of peacocks. In 1972 a first, early form of the ‘picture-poem’ is created with the edition titled Europe’s Balcony (Der Balkon Europas).


The exhibition focuses on Günter Brus’ transition from actionist artist to picture-poet, in which not only the original manuscript of A Mad Scrap of Paper is shown, also the key single drawings and editions of these three years.

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Visits to the exhibition are only permitted from the age of 18 due to sensitive content.