Katharina Grosse

Who, I? Whom, you?

06.06. - 12.10.2014

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06.06. - 12.10.2014


05.06.2014, 7 p.m.


Kunsthaus Graz


Katrin Bucher Trantow

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In the Kunsthaus Graz Katharina Grosse is concerned with the significance of the reduced allusion and the theatrical contained in colour.

Alles fließt

Everything flows: painter Katharina Grosse grows floors into pictures, blurs paint over canvas landscapes, while spaces and functional objects are given sculptural clothing. Minimal shifts in perspective transform large into small. An analytical view of detail flows into metaphysical understanding of the whole. The public perceive the picture as an independent cognitive event that dynamises the colour space. Capturing it in a brutal, direct, evolutionary and physical way. Like life itself.

Grosse originally comes from painting and sees herself as a painter. Since the 1990s has expanded her three-dimensional works as powerful incursions of colour into physically experienced space. In doing so she creates situations that make colour physically palpable. In her works, boundaries exist in order to be found, accentuated and at the same time blown open. At the Kunsthaus Graz, Grosse addresses the meaning of reduced allusion and the theatrical side of colour by developing a colour space into a stage space, raising questions about the experiential nature of matter and existence and also about the aesthetic control of light and linearity.

Katharina Grosse @ Kunsthaus Graz, 2014

Katharina Grosse