Gabriela Golder @ Sol LeWitt's Wall. Performed

11.05. - 09.06.2024

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11.05. - 09.06.2024


10.05.2024 18:00


Kunsthaus Graz

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Letters that connect two people on two sides of unsurmountable walls: these are the basis of the intervention by Gabriela Golder in the exhibition Sol LeWitt's Wall. Performed. They report of a life in exile marked by persecution and repression, they tell a tale of how one can maintain emotional bonds, how to carry on, how stories of love, fear, pain, death, exile, children and survival are shared. At the conclusion of the interventions, Gabriela Golder tackles the question of memory and connection. A plea for us all to share, yet also to preserve experiences, both real and potential, to use them as a starting point for looking out into the future.


The Argentinian artist Gabriela Golder works primarily with experimental video art and audiovisual installation art. Her practice raises questions about memory, identity and work. She is Professor at the National University Tres de Febrero, director of the Biennial of Moving Images and curator of an experimental series of films and videos at the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires.




Golder’s works have been exhibited at numerous international places, including Sharjah Biennial (2023), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Chile (2020); 21st Bienal de Arte Contemporánea Sesc_Videobrasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2019); Bienalsur, Buenos Aires (2019); Jakarta Biennial, Indonesia (2017); Whitechapel Gallery, London (2017); Dazibao, Montreal (2016); Dissonance, Getty Center, Los Angeles (2016).