Grand finissage Sol LeWitt´s Wall. Performed with Pamelia Stickney and Sabeth Buchmann


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7pm - 10pm


Kunsthaus Graz, Space01


Admission free

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Is it all performance? What specific parameters become apparent in the re-staging of the Wall? How can we reread the conceptual artist's work  after 9 months? At the finissage of Sol LeWitt's Wall. Performed we will hear a lecture by Sabeth Buchmann (Akademie der Künste, Vienna), music from the theremin by Pamelia Stickney (LA/Vienna) and catalogue presentations of the projects. With Director Andreja Hribernik and Chief Curator Katrin Bucher Trantow.


Pamelia Stickney is one of the most renowned artists on the theremin. She has performed and recorded extensively around the world with a wide variety of artists. In her solo performances as Theremin Orchestra, the musician interweaves composition and improvisation using live loops in which she builds up several layers of monophonic voices and slowly transforms them. The fragments she creates range from beautiful, almost pre-baroque melodic lines to abstract, distorted blocks of noise full of dissonance and polyrhythmic components. In addition to her career as a thereminist, Pamelia Stickney is also a composer and arranger. She has received commissions and residencies, including peripheral vision/escape routes for John Zorn's The Stone Series (National Sawdust), the New York-based saxophone and mallet percussion duo Odes & Fragments and the composers' forum kofomi.


The theremin (originally aetherophone) is an electronic musical instrument invented in 1920. It is the only common musical instrument that is played without contact and produces sounds directly. Its name goes back to the inventor, the Russian Lev Termen, who called himself Leon Theremin in the USA.


Sabeth Buchmann (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna). Professor of Modern and Post-Modern Art History since 2004, co-editor of PoLyPen. Book series on art criticism and political theory (b_books, Berlin), advisory board member of Texte zur Kunst and the European Kunsthalle; 2nd managing director of the Austrian Ludwig Foundation (2018-23). Author of Art as Infrastructure (2023); co-editor of Broken Relations: Infrastructure, Aesthetic, and Critique (2022); co-editor of Die Stimme als Voice und Vote. Festschrift for Diedrich Diederichsen (2019); co-editor of Putting Rehearsals to the Test. Practices of Rehearsal in Fine Arts, Film. Theatre, Theory, and Politics (2016), co-ed. of art works. Aesthetics of Postfordism (2015); co-ed. of Textile Theories of Modernity. Alois Riegl in der Kunstkritik (2015); co-author of Hélio Oiticica & Neville D'Almeida: Experiments in Cosmococa (2013), co-editor of Film, Avantgarde und Biopolitik (2009); author of Film, Avantgarde und Biopolitik. Thinking Against Thinking - Production, Technology, Subjectivity in Sol LeWitt, Yvonne Rainer and Hélio Oiticica (2007); co-editor of Art After Conceptual Art (2006)



2023 - 2024 Artists @ Sol LeWitt's Wall. Performed. Gabriela Golder, Alicja Kwade, Renate Krammer, Helene Thümmel, Franz Vana as well as performances by + with Nick Acorne, Julius Althoetmar, Jasmina Cibic, Bruna Diniz Afonso, Paula Dorten, Tabea Farnbacher, Gabriela Golder, Franz Jochum, Agnes Maier, Nimrod Poles, Winfried Ritsch, Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin, Anton Tkachuk, Tommy & Annika & Florian Kutej + Graz Opera