Literary walk through the Other with Andreas Unterweger

Finissage The Other 


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5pm - 7pm


Kunsthaus Graz, Space02, Needle


Free Entrance!

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The author and editor of the literary magazine manuskripte Andreas Unterweger will give a literary tour of the exhibition The Other at the finissage.

In dialogue with the physical works in the exhibition, this will lead to a discussion with the audience and the curator and director of the Kunsthaus, Andreja Hribernik.


What do we develop from if not from the Other?


In the end, I thought, the regulars' table, even if it's just a small table, is bigger than death. (Andreas Unterweger, 2023)


Andreas Unterweger is a writer and editor of the literary magazine manuskripte. His six books to date have been published by Literaturverlag Droschl, most recently the novel So long, Annemarie (2022), which is set in Nantes. His prose and poetry have been translated into several languages, such as Le livre jaune (translated by Laurent Cassagnau, Lanskine, Paris 2019). He himself translates mainly from French (Laure Gauthier, Guillaume Métayer, Fiston Mwanza Mujila ...).

Unterweger received the manuskripte Prize of the Province of Styria 2016 and the Prize of the Graz Academy 2009, among others. 2023 he was accepted into the schreibART funding program of the Austrian Foreign Ministry.