The editions are developed on the occasion of the exhibitions and projects at the Kunsthaus Graz

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Future Perfect, 2023

The broad range of activity of the collective CLUB FORTUNA includes a "variety of…

Piece each EUR 120,00

Jochen Traar

Labil Heute Denk an Morgen, 1996/2022

Humour and (self-)irony are not essential per se for producing…

Piece each EUR 150,00

Beni Bischof

Bird, 2022


For his artistic image montages Beni Bischof uses the full range of image optimisation tools,…

Piece each EUR 750,00

Bernhard Wolf


MAMA IKEA NATO. Three words that evoke different associations in each of us.…

Piece each EUR 90,00

Christiane Peschek

First Kiss, 2022

What did you smell when you were kissed for the first time? The artist Christiane Peschek…

Piece each EUR 104,00

Aldo Giannotti

Viral, 2020

Aldo Giannotti's Viral is a graphic reflection on the time of the lockdown in spring 2020.…

Piece each EUR 150,00

Peter Kogler

Connected, 2019


Prior to the exhibition Connected. Peter Kogler with... the austrian media artist created…

Piece each EUR 29,00

Johann Lurf

Cavalcade, 2019

The artist of this years Diagonale trailer created a poster, which will be available…

Piece each EUR 115,00

War 2018 für Sie ein gutes oder ein schlechtes Jahr? Möglicherweise halten sich beide Aspekte die Waage. Die Jahresedition von Kerstin Flake bringt diese Unentschiedenheit mit Good Year / Bad Year auf den Punkt.

Kerstin Flake GOOD YEAR / BAD YEAR, 2018

Curator Julia Schäfer on Kerstin Flake’s series Good Year / Bad Year, November 2018  (excerpt):

When you…

Piece each EUR 180,00

Alois Neuhold Die Pinseltänzerin, 2018

Alois Neuhold
Die Pinseltänzerin, 2018

In Alois Neuholds work, everything seems to be vividly alive.

Piece each EUR 420,00

Iris Andraschek

Iris Andraschek

Sapun Ghar – exquisite Aleppo soap

For the exhibition Glaube Liebe Hoffnung, Iris Andraschek…

Piece each EUR 25,00

Hannes Priesch

Hannes Priesch

Gifts can be complicated.
There are the truly perfect gifts that manage to surprise us…

Piece each EUR 222,00

Michael Kos

Glaube * Liebe * Hoffnung
from: Edition Trinity, 2012

Austrian sculptor Michael Kos’s works focus on the o…

Piece each EUR 550,00

Erwin Wurm, Wurscht

Wurscht, 2017

Silicone, chip, paint silicone, ca. 10.5 × 5 × 2.5 cm

Edition of 100

Created on the occasion…

Sold Out!

Piece each EUR 199,00

Friendly Honey

Friendly Honey The Edible Edition

Sarah Bildstein, who was responsible for the artistic design of the Bien, designed the labels of the Friendl…

Piece each EUR 9,50

The Sausage Voice

The Sausage Voice

Produced by MadeIn Company

The exhibition Corporate. Xu Zhen (Produced by MadeIn Company) …

Piece each EUR 1.200,00

Katharina Grosse. "Who, I? Whom, you?" A portable catalogue

Katharina Grosse. "Who, I? Whom, you?"

A portable catalogue

The exhibition Katharina Grosse. "Who, I? Whom,…

Piece each EUR 280,00

Plamen Dejanoff

Plamen Dejanoff
The Heritage Project (Specification Drawing I), 2023


Plamen Dejanoff's unique drawings…

Piece each EUR 990,00

Helene Thümmel. AUGENMEHR

Helene Thümmel

AUGENMEHR, Edition Kunsthaus Graz, 2023

To accompany the participatory exhibition…

Piece each EUR 200,00

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