Rosegger Museum Krieglach

In 1877 Rosegger had a country house built in Krieglach, where he spent the summer months with his family. Here he wrote contributions for the Heimgarten magazine, and such works as Jakob der Letzte (Jacob the Last), received friends and personalities such as Ludwig Anzengruber, Franz Defregger and Karl Morré. Why a visit that Johannes Brahms paid to Peter Rosegger failed and numerous other amusing anecdotes are all related in the Rosegger Museum. 

In 1896 he had a small house erected that was made of ‘beneficial wood’ in the quest to find relief from his asthma there. The writer, already revered during his lifetime, died in his house in 1918, and found his final resting place in Krieglach Cemetery.


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Rosegger-Museum Krieglach,

Rosegger Museum Krieglach


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Peter Rosegger Birthplace & Museum

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