ARTopia – putting drawing in the picture!

01.10.2016 11:00-21:00

Curated by: Gerald Hartwig and Monika Holzer-Kernbichler

Assistants: Wanda Deutsch, Barbara Thaler

Price: free of charge until 5 pm

Drawing is the basis of many everyday, creative and scientific processes. With this in mind, this year’s BIG DRAW motto is S.T.E.A.M., integrating art into the fields of “Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths”.


At Kunsthaus Graz we will be taking the idea a step further and inviting you to the “ARTopia – putting drawing in the picture!” festival. On Saturday, October 1st you’ll find lots of stations in and around the Kunsthaus where you can get drawing. With cooking, music, film, light and other activities, you can practice a diverse range of techniques that will inspire you to draw. 




With: asynchromeAndrea Fianim-nuGerald HartwigRoman Klug, Kulturreferat ÖH Uni Graz: Lukas Pürmayr, musikprotokoll, Ortweinschule, Oswald Seitinger and many more.



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More BIG DRAW-stations in Graz:

  • Neue Galerie Graz: „Zeichnen mit Farbe“ mit Drago Prelog
  • ausreißer – die Grazer Wandzeitung: o. T., Ausgabe #72
  • Heidenspass: Verbindungsknoten
  • kunstGarten: Struktur und Natur
  • Museum der Wahrnehmung in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Architektur und Medien IAM an der TU Graz: DRAWING SPACE: VOM TAKTILEN WAHRNEHMEN ZUM ZEICHNEN
  • steirischer herbst: BIG DRAW GRAZ. Das große Zeichnen
  • Akademie Graz/GrazMuseum/Lebenshilfe GUV
  • Grazer Kunstverein


We want to thank Faber Castell, 3M and Boesner for the material sponsorship.

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