Music and Landscape. Soundscape and Sonic Art

International conference and Soundwalk through Graz 27.-29.10.


In cooperation with Kunstuniversität Graz.

Price: Free entrance

Venue: Kunsthaus Graz: Space04 

Programme in the Kunsthaus Graz, Sa., 29.10.2016 from 2.30 pm

In Space04 of the Kunsthaus Graz the conference  with artist presentations and lectures by Bill Fontana, Jacqueline Waldock and Danae Stefanou.


In english.


2.30 pm

Bill Fontana (San Francisco): ACOUSTICAL VISIONS

Bill Fontana, sound pioneer and winner of Ars Electronica 2009 will be holding live, an 8-channel lecture. The artist is known far beyond his American homeland and beyond for its audio compositions and live broadcasts in which he combines landscape and art. He is currently working on an installation for the Kunsthaus Graz. 


3.30 pm



15.45 Uhr

Jacqueline Waldock (University of Liverpool): Archivist and Artist: A Critical Reflection of the Conflicting Terrain Within Contemporary Sound Mapping Practices

16.30 Uhr

Danae Stefanou (University of Thessaloniki, Department of Music Studies): Off‐the‐grid sound art


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