Ulrike Königshofer

The See-Through Machine

12.12.2013 - 09.02.2014

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12.12.2013 - 09.02.2014


12.12.2013, 7 p.m.


Kunsthaus Graz


Katia Huemer

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Ulrike Königshofer interprets the project space as an oversized raree-show, addressing its enclosed nature. Opening: 12.12.2013, 7 p.m.

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Duration: 13.12.2013 bis 09.02.2014

See-Through Machine

Heimo Zobernig and Eric Kläring have created ohne Titel (Projektraum) as a sculpture whose interior holds an exhibition space scaled down to roughly 10 m². This is a yearlong project offering young artists the opportunity to show their works.

Ulrike Königshofer (*born 1981 in Koglhof, lives in Wien) interprets the project space as an oversized raree-show, addressing its enclosed nature:

In her installation Durchblickapparat (See-through machine), the small, windowless room functions according to the human body of perception as a black box, as a system closed off from the outside, whose complex interior structure vanishes behind its visible behavior.

Six mirrors arranged in and around the space direct the viewer’s gaze and produce the feeling of a spatial ordering, of a “straight ahead” that does not in fact exist. An imaginary transparency is created that makes us question the constantly assumed the assumed realities of the spatial location and the actuality of our physical environment.

Ulrike Königshofer

The See-Through Machin, Andreas Spiegl

If you wanted to phrase the title of Ulrike Königshofer’s work somewhat differently, one option would be to understand the so-called Durchblickapparat (See-Through Machine) as an apparatus through which one can peer to look at something else. Otherwise, you could understand ‘seeing through’ more colloquially in the sense of ‘detecting the true nature of something’—even if it is the apparatus itself that you ‘see through’

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