James Benning

Decoding Fear

07.03. - 01.06.2014

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07.03. - 01.06.2014


06.03.2014, 7 p.m.


Kunsthaus Graz


Peter Pakesch

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With James Benning, the Kunsthaus Graz continues its exploration of moving images in space.

With James Benning. Decoding Fear, the Kunsthaus Graz continues its involvement with moving images in space. Remarkable positions on this theme have already been presented a number of times in such exhibitions as Videodreams (2004), Diana Thater. gorillagorillagorilla (2009) or Screening Real. Conner Lockhart Warhol (2009/10).

In an exhibition curated by Peter Pakesch, the link is now made between James Benning’s filmic work – already very well known in Austria – and other artistic aspects of his creative output. In this way the exhibition shows the importance of this director’s themes for our life today, shaped as it is by technical possibilities both positive and negative.