In Search of Fulfillment

Cargo: Discussion programme on working environments and logistics


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4pm - 8:30pm


Kunsthaus Graz, Space04


free admission

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Cargo: Logistics as a process, working world, space, desiring and transforming machine.


As part of the exhibition 24/7: Work between the creation of meaning and the dissolution of boundaries, the textile logistics expert Markus Muschkiet (Mönchengladbach), the artist Michael Zinganel (Tracing Spaces, Vienna) and the ethnologist Thomas Hauschild (Reinbek) will talk about and discuss the invisible processes, material flows, spatial effects and socio-cultural transformations of the dream of endless supplies.




Welcome address:

Andreja Hribernik (Director Kunsthaus Graz) und Karl Heinz Herper (Director Steirische Kulturinitiative)



Markus Muschkiet (Mönchengladbach), Michael Zinganel (Tracing Spaces, Vienna), Thomas Hauschild (Reinbek)


Tour and moderation:

Katia Huemer, Curator of the exhibition


Discussion and exchange




Cargo: Discourse programme on working environments and logistics takes place as part of In Search of Fullfillment - A repair and transformation project on fast fashion, online logistics and the search for happiness.


Following the successful kick-off in Berlin (2023), the multi-year project by Lisa and Wilfried Prantner (Bis es mir vom Leibe fällt) will stop at Mariahilferplatz, where an original-sized articulated lorry sculpture made of used textiles will continue to be woven, tufted and sewn. Practical workshops will take place around and in connection with this. In addition, lectures, readings and performances will explore the question of what "fulfilment", the online retail process, has to do with fast fashion, waste production and happiness. To what extent this "fulfilment" is the epitome of our wasteful way of life and whether it brings fulfillment or needs to be thoroughly reworked.


15.05.–31.05.2024 Mariahilferplatz


23.05.-27.05.2024 Discourse programme at the Volkskundemuseum, Kunsthaus Graz, AAI - Afro-Asian Institute and other locations.




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In Search of Fulfillment takes place in cooperation with Steirische Kulturinitiative, Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark, Designmonat Graz, Kunstlabor Graz, Kunsthaus Graz, Lendhafen Graz.

Main sponsor: Steiermärkische Sparkasse

In conjunction with the international partner project, hosted by Dramatiker:innenfestival, cofinanziert von der EU – Creative Europe