C-TV short film selection

selected by Eva Egermann and Cordula Thym


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6pm - 8pm


Kunsthaus Graz, Space04


Admission free

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About the

On the occasion of their exhibition C-TV: Close Encounters of the Hamster Kind, Eva Egermann and Cordula Thym have curated a short film programme.


Monika Holzer-Kernbichler and Katrin Bucher Trantow talk to the two artists about the films, accessibility and language for all.


The films are about criticism of the norm, self-determination and resistance. People with disabilities defend themselves against the dominance of “normality”.


Some of the films are directly related to the exhibition at Space03, the film C-TV (If I tell you, I like you ...) or the magazine Crip Magazine. Others show social movements around illness and disability. They are contemporary documents of resistance.




Eva Egermann, Cordula Thym
C-TV (If I Tell You, I Like You ...), AT 2023, 30 min


RA Walden
Notes from the Underlands, D 2019, 10:17 min


Justin Edgar
Reasonable Adjustment, UK 2020, 7:22 min


Kate Caryer
Whose Voice is it Anyway?, UK 2022, 4:57 min


Theresia Degener

Rede auf der ersten Disability Mad Pride Berlin 2013, D 2013, 13:54 min