An interdisciplinary dance project by Bruna Diniz Afonso


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5pm - 5:45pm


Kunsthaus Graz, Space01


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Burst is a dance expedition that explores the diversity of human stories. An artistic collage has been created from interviews with people from a wide range of backgrounds - a lively dance performance accompanied by sound installations and a film mosaic. The focus is on the perspectives of those who are often overlooked. 


In order to break through social mechanisms - to burst them -, it is essential to uncover and combat internalised prejudices. Discrimination is a multi-layered phenomenon, which is why Burst is dedicated to the topic in all its breadth. Through conversations with a variety of people from different cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds and experiences of discrimination, a safe space has been created to make real connections and find intersections in a world characterised by superficiality.


The live performance is accompanied by a polyphonic sound installation. The audience is invited to move freely and experience the performance from different angles. Burst is an artistic call that celebrates the complexity of being human - in a way that only dance and multidimensional art can.


The performance unfolds within the unique framework of Sol LeWitt's Wall and enters into an artistic synergy with the expansive sculpture. Inspired by LeWitt's clear geometric forms and precise structures, the danced exploration reflects the essence of this minimalist aesthetic. Just as LeWitt regarded reduction to the essential as a creative force, Burst also relies on the power of simplicity to penetrate the complexity of diversity and distinction.


Project management, choreography and performance: Bruna Diniz Afonso

Movement co-creation and performance: Nimrod Poles

Composition: Atousa Falamarzian

Sound Design and Sound Installation: Michael Romanov

Dramaturgy: Jing Hong Okorn-Kuo

Video: Małgorzata Goździk

Video support: Peter Huter

Photography: Johanna Lamprecht

Costumes: Silke Fischer




Thanks to Antonia Manhartsberger, Margret Hausegger, Dominik Sporer, Luciana Darbello, Olgica Perić, Eva Sommer, Empty Closet, Base Graz, Jukus and Paul Schwarzl.

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