Starter Camp

07.10. - 24.10.2023

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07.10. - 24.10.2023


Kunsthaus Graz, BIX Fassade

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The Starter Camp work goes back to the origins, when every single lamp could - and was allowed - to be a little star and the lamp launch became an eagerly awaited little show.

It took a few tricks to wean the fluorescent lamps off their initial blinking and stuttering to transform them into a homogeneous group of choreographable "pixels" that would go on to achieve world fame as the BIX Ensemble. But what was the price for each individual light and how are they doing today - 20 years later? 
To mark the anniversary, the multiple award-winning inventors and designers of the BIX Media Facade, realities:united (Tim and Jan Edler), return to the Kunsthaus and face up to the challenges of the constantly changing requirements of a media facade, outdated technology and their own critical view of their artistic work.

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