Peter Kogler

BIX [Connected]

27.06. - 20.10.2019

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27.06. - 20.10.2019


Kunsthaus Graz

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Abstract patterns run across the building as a network of lines, tracing, deforming and distorting it, creating the impression of a pulsating object.

Parallel to the exhibition Connected. Peter Kogler with ..., the media artist Peter Kogler is showing a work on the BIX Media Facade that visibly manipulates perception and uses the motif of the network to show the construction methods of our thinking and seeing. A simple digital drawing, a matrix of lines slowly stretches across the skin of the art house. The grid that spans the space is in turn changed, distorted and set in motion by shifting using simple image editing tools. Virtually, another level is created on the rounded Haus and a fourth dynamic dimension of space in time opens up before the amazed eye. 

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