urgently needed

01.06. - 02.06.2015

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01.06. - 02.06.2015


Kunsthaus Graz, BIX Fassade

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About the

urgently needed is an art and social project of the group NAHTLOSKUNST / Lebenshilfe Mürztal, which addresses the needs of disabled people and illustrates them publicly: on the one hand through actions in public space and on the other hand in the context of the exhibition "Everyone who is here is from here".

BIX-Medienfassade und Kunstintervention im Rahmen einer Kooperation mit NAHTLOSKUNST KINDBERG und mit < rotor >

Further information

Art intervention with stencil poster station around the Kunsthaus by NAHTLOSKUNST KINDBERG on July 2nd. 2015 


Exhibition on the project “ All, who are here, are from here” in the < rotor >
as part of the “Spannungsfeld gesellschaftliche Vielfalt“ (Social Diversity – An Area of Tension) project, initiated by ISOP – Innovative Social Projects and the University of Graz. 

Opening: < rotor > Friday, June 12, 2015, 7 p.m