Jakob Glasner and Katrin Nora Kober

SOS #landmarksforfuture


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Kunsthaus Graz, BIX Fassade

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The Kunsthaus Graz becomes a multiplier of the "Landmarks for Future" movement and sends an SOS signal via its BIX Media Facade. It confronts us with the question of who will come to the aid of our ecosystem and thus our own future.



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In cooperation with Creative Industries Styria

A project for the Economy and Tourism Department of the City of Graz as part of Designmonat 2023. 

A project by Jakob Glasner (creative director) and Katrin Nora Kober (artistic collaboration). 

With the start of the Designmonat on the topic of revolution, the Clocktower Graz awakens and sends an SOS signal into the night sky through the autonomous use of its lighting. It becomes a beacon of the climate movement and confronts us humans with the question of who comes to the aid of the ecosystem and thus our future. Starting from the Clocktower, the igniting spark of the movement jumps over to the Kunsthaus Graz as a first reaction. Via the BIX light and media facade, the SOS signal is further spread in an artistic intervention.  

The translation of the abbreviation SOS opens up room for interpretation. What do we want to preserve or change? Save our Species? Swap Our System? 

SOS Landmarks For Future

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