Sonja Harter@Kunsthaus Graz

01.09.2015 - 01.09.2016

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01.09.2015 - 01.09.2016


Kunsthaus Graz


Katrin Bucher Trantow

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Lyricist Sonja Harter brings irony to Kunsthaus Graz: her poems touch, provoke and accompany both visitors and passersby.

Sprachliche Interventionen

“Open House” series

Starting in summer 2015, Kunsthaus Graz has been exhibiting art that crosses the boundary between literature and fine arts. This series focusses on opening up Kunsthaus Graz in different artistic and social directions. Year-long linguistic interventions thematise, reinterpret and question the institution’s role as a medium.


Sonja Harter is our first artist. Her poems will appear in different places, touching, provoking and accompanying both visitors and passersby. On the border between poetry and fine arts, her work fills Kunsthaus with spatial, linguistic and social irony.

Sonja Harter