04.11.2006-14.01.2007 Kunsthaus Graz

Narratives, a story collection, which gathers works from Austrian artists and artists from the neighbouring countries. It playfully mixes the antipoles of the three classical ages, takes visitors along on journeys of the mind whilst at the same time spinning new and allegedly familiar intertwined narrative strands as threads through the amorphous space. more ...



This is not an exhibition

23.09.-22.10.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

With continuously changing exhibits and installations, the exhibition space is exposed to daily change and challenge. more ...


intuitive spaces

visible memory of a friendly alien

28.06.-02.07.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Presentation of multimedia and interactive exhibition-scenografic concepts. more ...



Works from the Herbert collection

10.06.-03.09.2006 10:00-18:00 Kunsthaus Graz

An outstanding collection with key works of minimal and conceptual art is the starting point of an exploration of the subject of acquiring knowledge and art. more ...


Gods in Exile

Salvador Dalí, Albert Oehlen et al.

04.03.-07.05.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Among the leading reference figures of modernism there are those that the traditional view has made heavy weather of, almost as if in their contradictoriness they lay athwart the official story of art. more ...


Two or Three or Something

Maria Lassnig, Liz Larner

04.02.-07.05.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Works of art as entities between colour and space link two generations and traditions. more ...



Jessica Hausner

25.01.-19.02.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Film by the Austrian film-maker Jessica Hausner more ...


Paju Book City

13.01.-25.01.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Planned as a self-sufficient city for print media, "Paju Book City" will be constructed on the northern bank of River Han in Korea. more ...

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