Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary

Collection as Aleph

06.03.-26.10.2008 Kunsthaus Graz

The exhibition Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary. Collection as Aleph connects the structural (and symbolic) endlessness of the architecture of the Kunsthaus Graz with an attempt to navigate (mentally) the temporal and spatial levels of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection. more ...


Pedro Cabrita Reis

True Gardens #6 (Graz)

02.02.-18.05.2008 Kunsthaus Graz

Pedro Cabrita Reis' works consist of commonplace surroundings, construction materials and architectural semantic appropriated from an existing reality and miraculously transformed into altars of an almost spiritual experience. more ...


Hanspeter Hofmann

Bonheur automatique

19.01.-03.02.2008 10:00-18:00 Kunsthaus Graz

Swiss artist Hanspeter Hofmann explores the interaction of mass media and auratic pictures during a two-week printing workshop he is running in Space04 of Kunsthaus Graz. more ...



Politics of Belonging

22.09.2007-13.01.2008 10:00-18:00 Kunsthaus Graz

How long does one have to live in a place before qualifying as a local? What are the signs of belonging and what aspects of integration are identifiable? These are the questions addressed by "Volksgarten. The Politics of Belonging", a co-production with steirischer herbst. more ...


Model Martin Kippenberger

Utopia for Everyone

15.09.2007-06.01.2008 Kunsthaus Graz

Provoking, difficult, and egotistical – Martin Kippenberger left many people with the distinct impression of an enfant terrible. Yet his multiple artistic output was more than just egocentricity – it also conveyed messages for humanity and a moral dimension. more ...


China Welcomes You...

Desires, Struggles, New Identities

07.06.-02.09.2007 Kunsthaus Graz

The exhibition "China Welcomes You ..." at Kunsthaus Graz presents a selection of some fifteen artists, setting out to explore new identities that present China from very different perspectives, confirming some stereotypes and refuting others. more ...


Werner Reiterer

Eye Sucks World

03.03.-13.05.2007 Kunsthaus Graz

Styrian artist Werner Reiterer certainly challenges us to ponder on the sense and nonsenses of our world. more ...


Kenneth Anger

Eaux d'Artifice

03.02.-11.02.2007 Kunsthaus Graz

Kunsthaus Graz is presenting "Eaux d'Artifice", an early masterpiece by one of the key figures in the American avantgarde cinema and queer movement. more ...


Cerith Wyn Evans

Bubble Peddler

03.02.-13.05.2007 Kunsthaus Graz

Opening: 02.02.2007, 7pm Curator: Adam Budak Bubble Peddler (jp.: Tamaya): in Kabuki theatre, a lively dance accompanied by Kiyomoto music. A man goes through the streets performing with soap bubbles. He makes all kinds of shapes with them and describes them with a series of witty songs... more ...



04.11.2006-14.01.2007 Kunsthaus Graz

Narratives, a story collection, which gathers works from Austrian artists and artists from the neighbouring countries. It playfully mixes the antipoles of the three classical ages, takes visitors along on journeys of the mind whilst at the same time spinning new and allegedly familiar intertwined narrative strands as threads through the amorphous space. more ...



This is not an exhibition

23.09.-22.10.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

With continuously changing exhibits and installations, the exhibition space is exposed to daily change and challenge. more ...


intuitive spaces

visible memory of a friendly alien

28.06.-02.07.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Presentation of multimedia and interactive exhibition-scenografic concepts. more ...



Works from the Herbert collection

10.06.-03.09.2006 10:00-18:00 Kunsthaus Graz

An outstanding collection with key works of minimal and conceptual art is the starting point of an exploration of the subject of acquiring knowledge and art. more ...


Gods in Exile

Salvador Dalí, Albert Oehlen et al.

04.03.-07.05.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Among the leading reference figures of modernism there are those that the traditional view has made heavy weather of, almost as if in their contradictoriness they lay athwart the official story of art. more ...


Two or Three or Something

Maria Lassnig, Liz Larner

04.02.-07.05.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Works of art as entities between colour and space link two generations and traditions. more ...



Jessica Hausner

25.01.-19.02.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Film by the Austrian film-maker Jessica Hausner more ...


Paju Book City

13.01.-25.01.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Planned as a self-sufficient city for print media, "Paju Book City" will be constructed on the northern bank of River Han in Korea. more ...


M Stadt

European Cityscapes

01.10.2005-08.01.2006 Kunsthaus Graz

Curators: Marco De Michelis in collaboration with Katrin Bucher and Peter Pakesch Since the development of the modern town, the urban element has become a particularly popular thematic focus in intensive artistic and theoretical discourses. The autumn exhibition of Kunsthaus Graz M Stadt is... more ...



Time and Memory in Japan

04.06.-11.09.2005 Kunsthaus Graz

A comprehensive exhibition by Kunsthaus Graz and Camera Austria entitled "Chikaku. Time and Memory in Japan", reflecting the dynamic development of Japanese art during recent decades. more ...


John Baldessari

Life's balance. Werke 84-04

05.03.-16.05.2005 Kunsthaus Graz

His oeuvre, which combines photography with painting and art-historical reference with everyday life, is a study of the impossibility of grasping total truth or obtaining complete knowledge. more ...


Michel Majerus

Installationen 92-02

12.02.-16.05.2005 Kunsthaus Graz

In his short life (1967-2002) Michel Majerus had left behind a remarkable body of works. In doing so he rushed through a database of both popular culture and art history. more ...


Now's the time

Montage audiovisuell

29.01.-13.02.2005 Kunsthaus Graz

"Now's the time" presents video works of about twenty artists who act within the area of discrepancies of different iconographies of pop- and mass culture, lifestyle and the electronic media. more ...


Movable Parts

Forms of the Kinetic

09.10.2004-16.01.2005 Kunsthaus Graz

Art on the move – movement in art. From the 60s up to the present.
An exhibition investigating the forms of expression of kinetics and machines in contemporary art has been conceived together with Museum Tinguely, Basel. more ...



Between the Cinematic and Theatralic

15.05.-19.09.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

Spread conceptually and stylistically from Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet and Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty through the Brechtian epic theater and Verfremdungseffect to Lars von Trier’s Dogville and Robert Lepage’s Geometry of Miracles, this exhibition traces the archaeology of a back stage and a location set in a thorough investigation of poetics and politics of artificiality and illusion. more ...


Living in Motion

Design and architecture for flexible dwelling

15.05.-15.08.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

Flexibility, mobility and multifunctionalism have always incited formal and technical innovations. more ...


Vera Lutter

Inside In

28.02.-02.05.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

Vera Lutter: Inside In" is the first museum exhibition of the artist’s photographic work to take place on such a large scale in Europe. It presents a vast overview: from the very early 1994 work depicting New York urban environments, to the unique explorations of industrial areas in the “Friedrichshafen” and “Frankfurt Airport” series more ...


Sol LeWitt


28.02.-02.05.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

Sol LeWitt is an icon of contemporary art. In the sixties, with his spatial structures he contributed to sculpture in a way that changed the understanding of artistic work, and thus became one of the founders of both Minimal and Concept Art. more ...



The Perception in Art

25.10.2003-18.01.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

The subject of the opening exhibition is the phenomenon of perception? Our knowledge about it and the conditions it is subject to. Everything begins with perception. Recent research suggests that cognitive processes and neural networks specifically determine and control our visual perceptions. more ...

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