Art Competition and Survey


The Department of Differential Psychology, Karl-Franzens-University Graz, together with the artistic research project Dizziness-A Resource, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and Kunsthaus Graz is pleased to invite applications for the competition Living in a Dizzying World.

Registration: From 15th December 2015 until 14th January 2016

Kevin Kerschenbauer & Mathias Benedek,

This interdisciplinary research project by Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond, is a preparation for an upcoming exhibition, Dizziness-A Resource 2017 in the Kunsthaus Graz. And it is a call for an artist competition - for being part of a group exhibition, artist's lecture and project presentation at the Kunsthaus Graz.



In an increasingly destabilised world, every individual has to deal with overwhelming and dizzying situations on a daily basis, be it on a personal level or on a political scale.


Dizziness arises locally, and situationally, and combines various elements. It can clear a way ahead, stir things up, move heaven and earth - dizziness is a destabiliser. This competition is an attempt by a team of artists and scientists whom together are trying to come to a more profound and holistic understanding of the artistic process and its needs. The outcome of the study shall place emphasis on the potential of building a better environment for the needs of the artistic community in general. Further, it will provide better understanding for the contributing artist on a personal level, as all artists will be given individual feedback on their data of the artistic process and on their artistic work.




The Winners of the Art Competition ‘Living in a Dizzying World’ On-Dizziness

Link to the official project website


1st place: Viktor Landström, Sebastian Wahlforss, Fractal Crisis, 2016, Malmö


2nd place: Victoria Schmid, W O W, 2016, Vienna

3rd place: Michaela Schwentner, Speed of Life, 2016, Vienna

4th place: Brandon Walley, Vestibular Variable, 2016, Detroit

5th place: Heth Samantha, Untitled 2, 2016, Philadelphia

6th place: Michael Heindl, West – East, 2016, Vienna


7th place: Andreas Mürzl, Jasmin Stadler, Elena Zaunschirm, How happy I was if I could forget, 2016, Graz


8th place: Alexander Trausner, The dizzy Tiki, 2016, Vienna


9th place: Gwendolyn Thomas, Elevator Music, 2016, Amsterdam


10th place: Shireen von Schulthess, The Lifejacket – The Change of a Symbol – Turn and Face the Strange, 2016, Rifferswill


10th place: Skalar Siegmund, Der Tunnel, 2016, Vienna 10. Platz: Skalar Siegmund, Der Tunnel, 2016, Vienna  


The Main Award is inclusion of the artwork in an international group exhibition based on the theme Dizziness–A Resource, (9th February – 7th May 2017) at Kunsthaus Graz, Space02, curated by Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond and Katrin Bucher-Trantow.


The 2nd to 4th prizes will see the works presented at an artist’s lecture on the 10th of November 2016 at Kunsthaus Graz.


Participants: 34 artists/artist groups (Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA)


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Artists and students working with moving image art or time based media art who are willing to take part in both the art competition and the accompanying survey are invited to participate. Register at from 15th December 2015 until 14th January 2016.


Art competition and survey from 18th January until 1st February 2016

Artists are asked to create a piece of time-based art from 2 to 10 minutes on the topic Living in a Dizzying World. After two weeks, participants must upload their artwork to a provided server. In addition, an online survey giving some general personal information has to be completed and while working on the artwork, artists answer questions on their artistic process.



The Main Award is inclusion of the artwork in an international group exhibition based on the theme Dizziness–A Resource, in 2017 at Kunsthaus Graz. The 2nd to 4th prizes will see the works presented at an artist’s lecture at Kunsthaus Graz, autumn 2016. A website will provide an overview of the best ten works.




Katrin Bucher Trantow, chief curator at Kunsthaus Graz, Austria

Sergio Edelsztein, director of CCA–Tel Aviv, Israel

Anna Jermolaewa, artist, Austria





Download: Art Competition and Survey (English)

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