Anna Lena von Helldorff



Since the beginning of 2017, Anna Lena von Helldorff has focused on the visual identity and information structure of the Kunsthaus with a particular emphasis on the fact that it forms part of the Universalmuseum Joanneum.

The designer took the remodelling of the foyer as her starting-point: the process of transformation itself became a theme, as variants, prototypes and utilisation options were developed while revisions were “presented” and discussed publicly. Her approach most closely resembled a form of accompanying the progress, of commentary and interpretation, and so follows similar specifications in terms function, content and aesthetics.

The Testphase is now drawing to a close. Over the next few weeks the findings of the last few months will be evaluated and flow into a (communication) structure that adds to the existing identity and interweaves routes, orientation and information with each other. 


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