Peter Kogler

Untitled (Kunsthaus), 2017 and Untitled, 2016

Venue: Staircase Kunsthaus Graz

Image collages on metal plate

Peter Kogler has produced a series of works related to the Kunsthaus, playing on its iconic organic shape, history, programme and dynamic form. A densely packed structure of Internet-sourced image fragments, events and places is layered in collages of quasi continuous loops, forming strands of developments and events as a network of images whose media, content and form keep growing.

Mounted on metal and positioned in the stairwell leading to Camera Austria, the collages embody an age where the flood of images before us is endlessly expanding, with its influences from film, research and everyday occurrences that now make a uniform reading of history impossible. Equipped with the tools of modernism and a post-media scepticism that recognises the digital image as an independent experience, Kogler uses tangible components to assemble world views: parallel time continua actuate intrinsic ambiguities. 

The collages strictly follow the grid of the picture. Fitting in with one another, and in formal analogies, distinct universes are created of infinitely growing image generatives. Characteristic associations become a whole, also connecting the Kunsthaus as an institution, as an organic form and as an incubator of art with diverse visual references in terms of both form and content. It is no accident that the images are reminiscent of brain structures and thought movements. They challenge us to observe ourselves thinking—on the ground and in the image.  

Biography Peter Kogler

Peter Kogler (born in Innsbruck, lives in Vienna and Slovenia) is one of the most successful contemporary multimedia artists. His works have been shown at numerous exhibitions, from the Biennale in Venice (1993, 2006) to documenta in Kassel (1997), Expo Hannover (2004), Mumok (2008), Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt (2010) and MSU Zagreb (2014) to the Sigmund Freud Museum (2015).

He has achieved renown primarily for his three-dimensional wallpaper installations and illusionist spatial mazes, his walk-through video projections and computer animations. Kogler’s signature motifs of ants, brain structures, tubes, diamonds, light bulbs and globes are unmistakable image codes that are directly associated with him.

In Graz the artist has a permanent presence in the form of his installations at the main railway station—concourse (2003) and north pedestrian tunnel (2013)—further works can be found at the Neue Galerie Graz and in the Schilcher collection endowment.


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