Floating Oasis, In Then Out, Version 2023

by students of the Instiute of Achitecture and Landscape at TU Graz, 

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Austrian Sculpture Park

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Nestled within the Austrian Sculpture Park in Premstätten, an architectural interpretation of a floating glasshouse connects with the existing sculpture of Tobias Rehberger. The new “Floating Oasis” is installed on top of the In Then Out sculpture from 2014, which consists of several large steel brackets that protrude from the ground. All of the steel parts have been unequally created and arranged, however there is an open area in the centre. The geodetic dome is located above this area and combines aesthetics, engineering and ecological mindfulness.


As the sun illuminates the dome ́s facade, and the breeze flows through the combined sculptures, visitors have the possibility to walk under the dome and observe the aerial garden from every angle. The “Floating Oasis” with the plant life inside highlights the importance of bringing nature back to modern designs and 21st century architecture approaches.


Project participants: Students of the Institute of Architecture and Landscape at Graz University of Technology: Francesco Doninelli, Sumeja Duranović, Magdalena Ettinger, Hans Lauber, Gloria Perković, Vanessa Seyr, Sara Travar under the supervision of Prof. Klaus K. Loenhart and Tobias Brown.