Suchart Wannaset

1991 (Nakhon Ratchasima/Thailand), lives and works in Vienna

Suchart Wannaset was born in Thailand in 1991. He and his family moved to his father's original home country of Austria in 1996 when his father was offered a job. From 2005, Wannaset attended the school Die Graphische in Vienna to study "Photography and Audiovisual Media”, followed by studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the Transmedial Art class with Brigitte Kowanz. In 2017, he studied at the Kunsthøgskolen in Oslo as part of an Erasmus programme.

In 2018, Wannaset realised his work "Unser Gartenzaun" (our garden fence) as Artist in Residence at the Austrian Sculpture Park — the invitation was extended to Brigitte Kowanz's class. In 2019, a participation in "Hayday Mayday" at the Vienna Contemporary followed and in 2020, a contribution by him was shown at RIFF REAKTOR. In the same year, Wannaset displayed various works as part of the group exhibition "There is no Thai Park" at S.A.C Gallery in Bangkok. In 2021, the City of Vienna awarded Wannaset a START-Atelier (studio) for two years, where he is currently working.

His work explores the multi-faceted relationship between culture and nature. The shaping of natural landscapes by humans has far-reaching consequences regarding the relationship to each other as well as changes and preservation. The search for nature and so-called "border zones" is an essential part of Wannaset’s artistic work. His works address social, cultural and natural phenomena, the concepts of which he implements transmedially with the help of video, sculpture, performance and photography.